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28 Different Types of Birds (Bird Species) with Pictures


28 Different Types of Birds (Bird Species) with Pictures

Birds are beautiful creatures which fall into the category of aves, and feathers, beaks, hard-shelled eggs characterize them. They have an elevated metabolic rate and a heart with four chambers. There are approximately 10,000 bird species in the globe and most are coloured. It is a pleasure to watch their colored feathers and lovely beaks. They are lightweight and small. Let’s look at different types of birds that you may or may not be aware of.

Different Types of Birds with Pictures:

Here is the list of top 28 different types of birds with images.

1. Cat Birds:

Different Types of Birds Cat Birds

Cat birds comes under the category of different kinds of birds. These cat birds are known for imitating the voice of the other birds. We can find some different species of birds in this breed. These birds generally consists of the grey colour. The other kind of various birds in these species include grey cat bird, tooth billed catbird, black catbird etc…

2. Hornbills:

Kinds of Birds Hornbill birds

Hornbills are mostly brightly colored with a lengthy and curved bill. These birds are called Bucerotidae scientifically. We can discover them in tropical and subtropical Africa, Asia and Melanesia. The bird’s weight and size varies between 102 grams and 4 feet. Since they are omnivorous, they feed on tiny insects and fruits. They usually rest in the natural cavities found in trees.

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3. Woodpeckers:

Different Birds Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers are scientifically called as Picidae. These birds are renowned for chiselling holes in the bark of the trees. While doing so, they tend to look for insects. They are spreading all over the world. It is their food habit to eat insects, and some of them enjoy berries and fruits as well. Further, they are not social in general and like to remain solitary. While most of them rely on the bark of the trees for their search of insects, some of them peck from the floor.

4. Monal:

Different Kinds of Birds Monal

Monal are part of the Pheasant family, and is scientifically known as Lophophorus. They are the national bird of Nepal and the state bird of Uttarakhand.  It is big in size, approximately 2-3 feet, and is observed to show great tolerance to snow. They always prefer the cool and upper temperate coniferous forests in higher altitudes. Due to poaching, the Chinese Monal is a variant of the Monal is under threat.

5. Tragopan:

Different Species of Birds Tragopan

Tragopan is a type of bird which is known scientifically as Tragopan. They are often referred to as ‘ horned pheasants ‘ because their masculine counterparts on their heads have bright coloured and fleshy horns. It is the only Phassianids that rest on trees. We can see them in many parts of India and they feed on fruits and berries.

6. Rollers:

Different Types of Beautiful Birds Rollers

Rollers are scientifically called as Coraciidae. The reason why they are called as rollers is their remarkable flight, one that is characterized by a rocketing movement. When they fly, they also create noisy calls. They are known for their dives and somersaults. They usually feed on insects, hairy caterpillars and snakes. The length of rollers is about 28-30cm.

7. Pheasants:

Different Birds Name Pheasants

Pheasants belongs to the class of the aves. They are seen in Asia and are often confined to the region. They are known to have sexual dimorphism and the masculine counterpart are colourful with decorations like wattles on them. The male pheasants are bigger than the females and have longer tails than their female counterparts as well. This kind of bird is not rapidly found.

8. Parakeet:

Different Types of Pet Birds Parakeet

In the parrot species, parakeets are small to medium-sized pet birds. They have long tail feathers. This common type of bird is very friendly and has a loving personality in general. So, they are a preferred companion bird. The live span of the parakeets is approximately 7 to 10 years. As these birds are talking birds, you can train them to speak. They are intelligent and therefore easy to train.

9. Paradise Flycatchers:

The paradise flycatcher is our next beautiful type of bird. They are seen in Turkestan, Sri Lanks and India. They have short legs and the complete length of their body is about 19-22 cm. Their tails can grow to a length of 24cm. They usually feed on insects that they hunt on their own. They are small and cute looking.

10. King Bird:

Variety of Birds King Birds

King bird is one variety of bird that belongs to the family of Tyrannidae. These king birds are characterized by long and pointed wings and have large broad bills. They tend to prefer open places and patiently sit on exposed perch to catch flying insects. They are aggressive enough to battle away the smaller birds from their territory.

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11. Owls:

List of Nocturnal Birds Owls

Owls are nocturnal, and during the day they can’t see. They use a phenomenon called echolocation, i.e. they scream into the air, and if the sound does not reach their ears back, it means there is nothing on their way and they can move forward. On the contrary, if the any sound hits the ear back, it implies there is an obstacle on the way. They have got a binocular vision and binaural hearing.

12. Cuckoos:

Different Type of Cuckoo Bird

Cuckoos is the most frequently heard list of bird name in India. These birds are scientifically called as Cuculidae. They are noted to be shy, which is why we hear them often, but they are hardly seen. They are coloured in grey and brown while some have striking reddish shade patches on them. Further, they are short winged birds and only some of the migratory cuckoos travel far away. They have lengthy tails and they feed on insects.

13. Bulbuls:

Bulbul is a kind of bird that is scientifically called as Pycnonotidae. These birds are medium sized song birds and are dispersed thought Japan, Africa and Middle East. Their colour is plain, and they are noisy. They are active and can also damage orchids. Seeds, fruits, smaller insects and reptiles are what they love to eat. With their little crown, they look beautiful.

14. Francolins:

Francolins are different types of birds. There are many variants within this category. They are most frequently found in open cultivated lands and make noisy and repeated calls. Gray Francolin and Swap Francolin are the Francolin family’s two common species. They feed on tiny insects and rodents.

15. Peafowls:

List of Birds Names in India Peafowls

Peafowl is popularly called as peacock and is considered as a beautiful bird. Their primary attraction is their lengthy and lovely eye spotted feathers, which surprise us every time it opens up. Peacock is generally both pet and a wild bird, with two identical Asiatic species; one from India and Sri Lanka and the other from Burma.

16. Sparrows:

This chirpy noisy bird scientific name is Passeridae. They were once the frequently spotted bird in homes, but they are today becoming fast extinct. The primary reason for their extinction is the change in the ecosystem. They are small and often symbolize friendliness, happiness and protection. For many tribes, they were also totem symbols.

17. Toucan:

Toucan belongs to Ramphastidae family. In our list, it is one of the most beautiful kind of bird. They have rounded tails and small bodies. With a short and thick neck, their wings are small. They can travel only short distances and are mostly living in forests. It is sensitive to taste and is sensitive to it as well.

18. Vultures:

Vulture is regarded as the scavenging bird of prey. They consume dead and decaying carcass of animals. Their sharp vision, and being practically insensitive to anything above the horizontal, makes their vision focused completely on what is happening below them. They have lengthy lashes and supra orbital ridges.

19. Flamingos:

This kind of bird is known scientifically as Phoenicopteridae. This wading bird have six more species of the same in this category. They are big and tall with thick down turned bills. Some of them have pink feathers and they all have long neck characteristics. They have about 3 to 5 feet tall slender legs. When they take off, they present a beautiful sight to watch.

20. Kingfisher:

Different Types of Small Birds Kingfisher

Kingfisher is one variety of bird that we don’t often see as they live almost always in the Southern Hemisphere. It belongs to the Alcedinidae family. It is estimated to have about 90 species in kingfishers. They have large head with lengthy and sharply pointed bills. They have stubby tail and short legs. Since they feed on fish, they usually prefer to live near the river.

21. Pigeons and Doves:

Common Types of Birds Pigeons and Doves

Pigeons and doves common types of birds that belong to the Columbidae family. They have a stout body with slender bills and short neck. They are spread throughout the world and feed on seeds and smaller insects. The species under this category range from highly social to solitary beings. Pigeons, however, are fast becoming extinct.

22. Penguin:

List of Birds That Can't Fly Penguin

The next in the list of birds is the famous penguin. Scientific name of this bird is Spheniscidae. It can dive in water up to the speed of 6-9km/h and its height varies across the many variants in the family. They live up to 20 years maximum. They enjoy to eat Squids and krill.

23. Parrots:

List of Birds That Can Fly Parrots

Parrots are another type of talking birds that are very frequently spotted in India. People often keep them as their pets and their scientifically known as Psittaciformes. They are generally found in tropical and sub-tropical regions. They like to feed on nuts, fruits and insects and are therefore omnivores. Their lifespan ranges from 50-95 years. Another interesting fact is that it spends the first two weeks of its birth as a blind being. They are renowned for their bright red beaks.

24. Crane Birds:

The scientific name of this bird is Gruidae which belongs to the category of ancient birds. They are large, with long legs and a long neck. They feed on tiny livestock, grass shoots and even grains. Some of the species of cranes fly away from its home to other location to avoid the winters, while others remain in the same place all year. They live close to shallow waters.

25. Golden Eagle:

List of Birds That Can Fly High Golden Eagle

One of the most common type of bird that we have heard and seen often is the golden eagle. They have a heavy body with a large head and a long hooked bill. They soar high in the sky and feed on fish, sometimes even mammals, gulls and waterfowl. We can notice that these birds harass other birds for their food and can sometimes be aggressive.

26. Myna:

Myna belongs to the family of the Sturnidae. This type of bird is aggressive and is said to be a confident bird, seen widely flying in the urban areas. They are plentiful and well known in Asia. They have a black head, chestnut brown upper body and a yellow beak. Furthermore, they have long and strong legs that allow it to walk on the floor, unlike the other birds that generally hop. It has also been noted that they can pick up human speech when held captive. They enjoy to feed on baby rodents, insects and larva, lizards etc.

27. Bald Eagle:

These bald eagles are usually found near the coastlines and marshes. These are some of the common types of birds that we can find in at the coastlines. These eagles consist of a heavy body with some broad wings. They have their head and tail white in colour and the body consists of a chocolate colour which makes them look distinct among other various types of birds.

28. Geese:

Different Types of Water Birds Geese

Well, we have one of the beautiful bird here. In these species, we can find a range of different birds which include black geese, grey geese and the white geese. The size of these beautiful birds vary from the medium to the large size. These birds are less likely to be the favourite for the farmers as they will not help for them in the process of protecting their crops from pests due to their vegetarian nature.

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Our article about the different types of birds and their information is aimed at letting you understand the many common and unique kinds of birds that actually exist. Each of them are beautiful in their own way. They are, however, a true sight to behold. The small looking birds are blessed with sharp eyesight, some with impressive flight movement and some with amazing nest making ideas.

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