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9 Different Types of Rainforests In The World


9 Different Types of Rainforests In The World

How many types of rainforests are there? Basically, there are 2 types of rainforests – tropical and temperate. Furthermore, they can be classified into different types of rainforests. Both tropical and temperate rainforests have dense vegetation, which means that plenty of plants and trees are grown in these types of rainforests. Tropical rainforests make two-thirds of the total rainforests in the world. A tropical rain forest will be located near the equator and will have generally moist or warm climate. The temperate rainforests are located along the coastal areas which makes it cooler than tropical rainforests. Here in this article, we shall be seeing major rainforests of the world.

Types of Rainforest with Pictures:

1. Amazon Rainforest:

Amazon rainforest

It is the Amazon rainforest that stands on top for being the largest tropical rainforest in the world. 20 percent of the earth’s oxygen is obtained from Amazon rainforest. Amazon rainforest also tops for having the most varied biological reservoir that contains million species of insects, birds, animals and plants. Many small species and other forms of life, which are still unnoticed and unrecorded are found to be there in Amazon rainforest.

2. Andaman Tropical Rainforest:

Andaman tropical rainforest

Andaman and Nicobar Tropical rainforest lies in the Andaman and Noicobar islands of Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. It is a type of tropical rainforest that has flora and fauna mixes from India, Malaysia and Myanmar. The Southern Andaman has a dense forest with mostly ferns and orchids as vegetation. While the middle part of Andaman rainforest includes deciduous forests that extend to Northern Andamans with plenty of wood climbers.

3. Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest:

Xishuangbanna tropical rainforest

Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest is a tropical rainforest located at the Yunnan Province of China. The forest generally has a monsoon climate throughout the year. It is said that there are over 13,000 species of tropical plants growing in Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest. The forest is characterized by three layers. The top layer forest has trees that grow up to 45 – 60 m high. The second layer consists of trees that reach 18 – 30 m high and the third layer occupies trees of 5 – 20 m height.

4. Appalachain Temperate Rainforest:

Appalachain temperate rainforest

The Appalachian temperate forest is one of the types of temperate rainforest that is located in the southern Appalachian Mountains of the Eastern U.S. This temperate forest receives an annual rainfall of more than 60 inches. The climate at Appalachian rainforest is pretty cool and mild. Conifer trees like spruce, fir and mixed woods can be seen growing in this temperate rainforest.

5. Daintree Rainforest:

Daintree rainforest

Another tropical rainforest type is the Daintree Rainforest. They have a dense forest, mountain ranges, waterfalls and streams. The largest tropical rainforest in Australia is the Daintree Rainforest. It is also one of the world’s oldest rainforest. This tropical rainforest is estimated to be 180 million years old, which is tens of millions of years older than the Amazon rainforest. Daintree rainforest is one of the tourist spots to explore into the woods.

6. Quinault Rainforest:

Another type of temperate rainforest in the world is the Quinault rainforest. The rainforest is situated next to Quinault River and Lake Quinault. Here, you can see record size of giant tree species. These include Western red cedar, Alaskan cedar, Mountain hemlock, Western hemlock etc. An average of 12 feet of rain is received every year. Quinault rainforest is also one of the tourist destinations with large number of resorts and home stays located on either side of Lake Quinault.

7. Ituri Rainforest:

Ituri Rainforest is one among the different types of tropical rainforest located in the North Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. The forest is located near the Ituri River which flows through the rainforest connecting to the Aruwimi River first and then to the Congo. The Ituri rainforest features giant trees. The vegetation at Ituri tropical rainforest includes nettles, fast-growing competing species. While walking through the forest, you can hear the sound of many insects. We can also find endless number of butterflies and bees in this forest.

8. Sinharaja Rain Forest:

Sinharaja rainforest

Sinharaja Rain Forest is a tropical rainforest, native to Sri Lanka. UNESCO is also considering it as a World Heritage Site. We can find rivers on three sides of this Sinharaja rainforest. The total area that the forest covers is 18,900 acres, which means 7,648 hectares. Among the 12 endemic mammal species of Sri Lanka, 8 of them are found here in Sinharaja Rain Forest. The reptiles and amphibian species include python, endemic hump nosed lizard, endemic green pit viper and rough nose horned lizard.

9. Great Bear Rainforest:

Great bear rainforest

If you are looking for a coastal temperate rainforest, Great bear rainforest is the best to go for. The Great Bear Rainforest extends for more than 250 miles which stretches along the coast of British Columbia. This temperate rainforest along the coast of British Columbia provides shelter for many wildlife species. These include coastal grey wolves, Sitka deer, mountain goats, grizzly bears, cougars, cream coloured rare bear, sprit bear and many more. For those who love to explore this forest, there are many resorts and lodges inside the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park.

By now you have got an idea of what types of rainforest are there in this world and which of them are tropical and temperate rainforests. Even for those who love to spend in the woods can try exploring these above discussed forests. The dense vegetation and the favourable climate throughout the year is what make these forests a perfect home for many wildlife and rare species.

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