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28 Different Types of Trees with Pictures and Names


28 Different Types of Trees with Pictures and Names

The world holds about three trillion trees which are playing a vital role in our ecological system. They make our earth look green and lustrous, while decreasing the warmth and heat around us. In addition, they also posses the best medicinal properties that can cure different types of diseases. But as a result of industrialization and township, thousands of trees are being cut every day, thus harming our environment. It requires just a few hours to cut a tree while it takes hundreds of years to see a large branched tree. So, in this article, we are going to see 28 different types of trees and their uses to humans.

Different Types of Trees with Pictures and Names:

1. Ash Tree:

Different Types Of Trees In The World

The ash tree is a medium to large sized trees that belong to the oleaceae family. It is grown in almost all parts of the world. The leaves of Ash tree are oval shaped with light green colour. The wood of Ash tree is used to make baseball, bows and soft ball bats. The leaves of Ash tree possess anti-inflammatory properties that are known to soothe Arthritis. For people who suffer from gout problems can use ash tree as a good remedy.

2. Peepal Tree:

Different Kinds Of Trees In The World

In trees list, peepal trees are famous trees in India which are also known as Bodhi tree. It is a deciduous tree that has heart shaped leaves. This tree with its large branches provides shade to the surrounding environment. Peepal tree is a home for many crows, birds and bats. In Ayurvedic medicine, peepal tree leaves are used for getting relief from poor appetite, stomach pain, eczema itching and cracked heals. It is also known for blood purification.

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3. Apple Tree:

Different Tree Names In The World

Apple trees are widely grown in Indian soil and all over the world top cultivate its fruit. It is one of the popular trees seen in North Western Indian States, like in Jammu Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. An apple tree is grown from its seeds but can also be grown by planting the small stems. The root and bark of this tree is used to treat fever and cold. Daily consumption of apple controls the body mechanism and helps in peaceful sleep.

4. Cherry Tree:

Different Types Of Fruit Trees

Cherries or the cherry tree grows well in mild and humid climate. A cherry tree is planted from its seeds. It takes 7 to 10 years for cherry fruit to ripe in that tree. While there are some cherry trees that never produce cherry even after growing from the seed. Cherry as a fruit helps with inflammatory conditions and arthritis. It helps to lower the risk of heart diseases and controls diabetes. For those who find it difficult to get a restful sleep, eating cherries would benefit them.

5. Cypress Tree:

Types Of Trees Around You

Cypress tress are different kinds of trees which grows wild in northern temperate regions. There are large number of cypress trees seen in Virginia, south to Florida, west to Texas etc. The soil needs to be drenched completely to plant a cypress tree. They often grow 3-4 feet per year. The wood of cypress trees are used for making furniture and other wooden home decors. It helps to remove excess water and salt from the body. Increased blood flow is another medicinal use of cypress tree.

6. Banyan Tree:

For those who love to know about list of different types of trees in India, here comes the Banyan tree. It is one of the largest trees in India that reaches to a height more than 21 m. Banyan tree is named as the National Tree of India. It’s an Indian tree that can be seen in many parts of the country, especially in villages and temple premises. The wood of this tree is used to make doors and furniture. It also has several benefits on one’s health. The bark and leaves of banyan tree are used to treat diabetes and maintain body temperature. Brushing your teeth with the roots of this tree strengthens your gums.

7. Elm Tree:

Elm is a deciduous tree that belongs to the flowering plant genus ulmus family. It is a very popular street tree. The flowers of elm don’t have petals and appear before the leaves are formed. The nutlike fruit of elm tree is called samara. Elm wood is used for building boats and furniture as it is considered to be durable under water. The bark of elm tree is used to treat digestive disorders and diarrhea.

8. Palm Tree:

Palm trees are fast growing trees seen in many parts of the country, especially in Southern India. These tree grows well in tropical climate and can also grow in a variety of other environments. These evergreen trees can grow in the form of shrubs as well. Palm oil which is extracted from the fruit of the palm tree possesses several health benefits. Palm oil is used for treating Vitamin A deficiency, ageing and brain disease. It is also said that palm oil helps to treat cancer, high blood pressure, cyanide poisoning and high cholesterol.

9. Oak Tree:

Oak tree is one among the different trees found in Indian forests, woodlands and zoos. These trees falls under the flowering plant’s category. They have a very long lifespan say for about hundreds of years. Oak trees have thick barks that protect them from fire. In many parts of the world, people cut oak trees every 15 to 30 years to use its wood for heating their homes and cooking food. The bark of the tree is used as a tea for treating diarrhea, cough, bronchitis and fever. It is also good for relieving pain associated with arthritis.

10. Avocado Tree:

From the different types of trees with names, avocado is one that is known as a fruit tree. Avocados need to be grown in a warm and shady area. The climate should be sunny and warm and when it comes to soil, the oil should be well drained and organic for optimum growth. Avocado as a frui has many health benefits. The leaves and seeds are also used along with the fruit to make medicines. Avocado oil is applied directly on to the skin to heal skin thickening, gum infections and arthritis.

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11. Mulberry Tree:

Types Of Trees For Gardens

A mulberry tree is an ornamental tree for home garden. It provides edible fruit- mulberries that can be eaten raw or cooked and processed to make wine. One of the best things about mulberry tree is that it takes minimum care to grow this tree. The berries ripen in different stages and fall from the tree as they mature. The leaves of mulberries are powdered and used as medicine. Studies show that eating mulberries quiet often helps to control diabetes.

12. Neem Tree:

Different Types Of Trees For Kids

One of the most common tree that found in Indian trees names list is the neem tree. Every Indian households have a at least one neem tree planted in their garden. A neem tree has bright green leaves and reaches up to a height of 100 feet. Neem tree has many benefits on health. One of the main uses of this tree is to treat chickenpox using the neem leaves. The wood of neem tree is also used for making furniture and other wooden objects.

13. Olive Tree:

An Olive tree is an evergreen slow growing tree that reaches over 15 meters in height. It has a long lifespan of 100 years when grown in the right conditions. Olives are usually seen in European countries like Italy, Greece, Spain and California. The oil extracted from olive tree has many benefits on health. Daily applying olive oil prevents heart attack and stroke, breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and headache related to migraine.

14. Sycamore Tree:

Sycamore tree is native to European continent. The size, color of the bark and leaves vary depending on the climatic condition on which they survive. Sycamore trees are usually found near streams, lakes and river banks. The high quality wood of sycamore tree is used for making wooden home décor. The bark of sycamore tree possesses several health benefits. Tea made from inner bark of sycamore tree is used to treat cold, cough, lung disease and dysentery.

15. Pine Tree:

Types Of Trees In The Jungle

Pine tree is a kind of tree that falls under the coniferous species. These trees form large forests which are usually seen in hill stations in India. Pines can be of soft pine or the hard pine. Young pine trees can be seen with cone shape, having horizontal branches. While the older trees might have round, flat or spreading crowns. Pine wood is highly used in making furniture, floors, window frames, doors etc.

16. Fig Tree:

Among the different types of trees and their uses, fig tree is a fast growing tree that belongs to Asian species of the mulberry family. Fig tree grows well in deep and fresh soil. Ample sunlight is required for this tree to grow wild. Fig trees can grow in any type of soil, as long as the soil is organic and well drained. The fruit of the tree- fig is used as a laxative to relieve constipation. Some people even directly apply the latex of this tree to the skin to get rid of warts and skin tumors.

17. Maple Tree:

For those who love to see a tree with yellow leaves, then maple tree is the best choice. Maple is a deciduous tree. After each fall, the tree loses its leaves. Maple trees are seen more in European counties in the streets and parks to give a refreshing mood. Its distinctive color and striking leaf fall is what sets maple tree apart from other trees.

18. Shade Tree:

A shade tree is nothing but a large tree that provides shade to the surrounding area with its branches and leaves. Shade trees are popular in India and are grown well in tropical weather conditions. Before planting a shade tree, make sure there is enough space around the tree as it grows large. Therefore these trees are seen mostly in big playgrounds, parks and temple premises where there is ample space. a shade tree helps in healthy process of photosynthesis and supports wildlife.

19. Cedar Tree:

Even though there are many lists of different types of trees, cedar is an evergreen tree. The tree is well known for its cedar wood. With branches spread all over and flat leaves, cedar tree forms a conical shape. It is one of the medicinal trees that have been known to heal many health conditions. The leaves of cedar tree are rich in Vitamin C and hence people use its leaves to drink tea.

20. Willow Tree:

Willow tree is a fast growing tree that has heavy branches. If you want to see it short, you can trim them. It is the rounded form of branches that makes it pleasing to see. If you are planning to grow them at home, put one at the corner to liven up the dull spots. The bark of willow works as aspirin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in treating pain from headache, muscle pain, rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

21. Fir Tree:

Types Of Trees In The Bible

Although Fir tree looks similar to pine tree, it is an evergreen coniferous tree that forms the shape of a pyramid. They are large trees that grow up to 80 meters (262 feet) tall. Their needle like leaves attached to the branches sets them apart from other cone shaped trees. The antiseptic properties of Fir tree provides instant relief from pain, cuts, wounds, burns and sores. The leaves of fir tree are used to make a warm tea that can provide relief from bronchitis, sore throat and cough.

22. Poplar Tree:

Poplar trees are native to northern Hemisphere that belongs to willow family. These trees are fast growing trees which have short life span. They are mostly seen in North America and Northern Africa. Poplars are deciduous plants. The bark of these trees is exceptionally tolerant of flooding and erosion. The dried leaves of poplar tree are used to make medicines for cough and chest congestion. Some people even apply poplar directly onto their skin for treating sun burn, bruises, cuts and pimples.

23. Birch Tree:

Birch trees grow abundantly in North America. These trees grow well in colder regions. They look attractive in winter months. Its one of the favorite tress for woodcutters as the tree exhibits excellent machining properties and sands to a smooth finish. The tree is easy to cut and used for various purposes. The wood of the tree is used to make toothpicks, toys and high-end furniture. Further, the leaves of the tree are rich in Vitamin C. Birch is used to terat urinary tract infections.

24. Spruce Tree:

Another coniferous tree that belongs to the Pinaceae family and other 35 species is the spruce tree. These are normal trees that grow an average of about 6 -11 inches per year. Spruce trees are found in abundance in Northern America. They form the shape of a pyramid with thin scaly bark. The spruce oil from spruce tree possesses anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. For those who have trouble with respiratory disorders, spruce oil works wonders on them. It is also known for healing pains and wound.

25. Sandalwood Tree:

Sandalwood trees are different types of trees which are well known for its aromatic fragrance. These trees grow well in dry clay or sandy soils. Ample sunlight is required for a sandalwood tree to grow at its best. Sandalwood tree is a hemi-parasitic tree, which means it takes its nutritional requirements from another living plant. Apart from its soothing fragrance, sandalwood oil is used for serving many health purposes. Sandalwood oil possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a good stress buster and helps in healing wounds and acne.

26. Indian Rose Wood:

Indian Rose wood tree is a fast growing tree that is found commonly in Indian Subcontinent and Southern Iran. The scientific name of this tree is Dalbergia Sissoo. The wood color of this tree varies from rich red to very dark brown. The smell of this tree reminds us of the fragrance of rose. Indian Rosewood has many medicinal uses. It helps to balance the oily and dry skin. It is good at treating acne.

27. Jack Fruit Tree:

It is a different type of fruit tree which can be found usually in Indian’s gardens and agriculture fields. The Asian counties like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh named the jack fruit as their national fruit. The jack fruit is in big size and grows on its trunk and branches. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. Further, the fruit possess excellent medicinal properties that work effectively on ulcers and cancers. The wood of the tree is used to make window and doors.

28. Java Plum Tree:

The java plum tree is the best medicinal tree which is also known as Indian black cherry, black plum and Malabar plum. We can find these trees in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China. Its fruits are used in Ayurvedic medicines to control diabetics, stomach problems, liver diseases and bowl disorders. Its wood is used to make furniture.

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The above mentioned all types of trees are a great boon to mental health as well as physical health. These trees are not only intended for furniture, but also act as a refuge for many birds and other living organisms. The trees not only provide shelter and shade, but also promote in healthy photosynthesis, thereby emitting oxygen and taking in the carbon dioxide. So, plant a tree and save earth.

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