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25 Different Types of Yoga Asanas with Pictures


25 Different Types of Yoga Asanas with Pictures

How many types of yoga asanas are there? It seems like there are so many yoga poses for beginners, which confuses them with the way it has to be performed. Different types of asanas are classified on the basis of the level of performance. There are basically three types of yoga asanas – beginner, intermediate and advanced level. All these types of yoga asanas are designed to deliver ideal health and mental well-being. Yoga helps to uplift one’s soul, body and mind. So let’s have a look at the 25 different types of yogasana postures and its benefits on health with pictures:

Different Types of Yoga Asans and Their Benefits:

Here is the list of top 25 types of yoga asanas with images.

1. Mandukasana (Frog Pose):

Types of yoga asanas mandukasana or frog Pose

The name Mandukasana comes from 2 Sanskrit words – Manduk which means Frog and Asana meaning Posture. As this yoga pose resembles a frog’s shape, the name is given as such. Moreover, it is an ancient yoga pose that comes with several health benefits.


  • Mandukasana is a great boon to diabetic patience to manage their diabetes.
  • Recent studies have shown that Mandukasana improves the digestive health by promoting healthy production of digestive enzymes.
  • By doing this pose, your ankles, knees, hips and back are strengthened.
  • Another benefit of Mandukasana or the Frog Pose is it improves blood circulation and cardiovascular health.

2. Ustrasana (Camel Pose):

Different Types Of Yoga Asanas Ustrasana or Camel Pose

Even though there are different yoga poses that act as stress busters, Ustrasana is one of the effective yoga postures to relieve stress and anxiety. The back bend pose of Ustrasana opens the mind, revitalizes the brain and releases tension.


  • It provides a rejuvenating effect to the mind, body and soul.
  • Camel pose improves digestion and cures constipation.
  • Ustrasana helps in the proper functioning for the nervous and respiratory system.
  • It also helps to improve blood circulation.

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3. Simhasana (Lion Pose):

different types of yogasana simhasana or lion Pose

Simhasana or the Lion pose has got its name as it possesses the shape of a lion. It is a powerful yoga position that is very easy to practice. In addition, it is one of the best yoga asanas for extending the muscles of the throat and face.


  • Lion pose helps to reduce the wrinkles on your face as it extends the muscles of the face, relieving pressure.
  • Your vocal tone is improved.
  • It helps in uplifting your jaws and gives a perfect shape and tone.
  • Simhasana has also proven to cure bad breath.

4. Matsyasana (Fish Pose):

Different types of asanas Matsyasana or Fish Pose

The Fish Pose and Matsyasana is a perfect yoga pose for improving spinal health. It stimulates your spine, rib cage, lungs and cervical muscles, thus relieving your tiredness almost instantly. It also acts as a good remedy for treating asthma.


  • Matsyasana is proven effective for people with back-ache.
  • It also helps to get rid of stress, fatigue and anxiety.
  • For women, it helps to get rid of menstrual discomforts.
  • By regular practice, it improves the digestive tract and its functioning, thereby curing constipation.

5. Mayurasana (Peacock Pose):

Different yoga poses Mayurasana or Peacock Pose

The Peacock Pose or Mayurasana is a traditional yoga pose for effective detoxification. This asana’s name comes from 2 Sanskrit words – ‘Mayur’ meaning peacock and ‘Asana’ meaning Pose. It is an intermediate level of yoga posture. It might be difficult for beginners. Continuous practice can make it possible.


  • This type of yoga poses strengthens the arms and shoulder arms.
  • It increases sexual vitality and energy.
  • As this peacock pose aid in effective digestion, people with constipation problems have found great relief.
  • It also revitalizes the internal organs such as liver, stomach, kidneys and spleen.

6. Kukkutasana (Cock Pose):

Types of yoga poses Kukkutasana or Cock Pose

Kukutasana is one of the 5 types of yoga asanas that takes care of your back pain and spine. Its an advanced level yoga posture. The Cock pose or Kukutasana has many health benefits. It helps to improve the digestive system functioning and strengthens the arms, thighs, ankle, knees and muscles. Make sure you practice Kukutasana when your stomach and bowels are empty.


  • Daily practising Kukutasana lowers shoulder pain and prevents the risk of injuries to shoulders, chest, arms and stomach.
  • For those who are looking to reduce belly fat, Kukutasana is a preferred yoga pose.
  • Studies have found that Cock pose or the Kukutasana improves the blood flow to the sexual organs and thereby improving sexual health.
  • Kukutasana yoga pose also ensures proper functioning of liver and kidneys.

7. Bakasana (Crow Pose):

Best yoga asanas Bakasana or Crow Pose

It is an intermediate level type of yogasan that requires your arms to be bent slightly so that the knees come close to the triceps. Bakasana the name comes from 2 Sanskrit words – ‘Bak’ meaning crow and ‘Asana’ meaning pose. Bakasana is also known as Kakasana as this shape looks more of like a perched crow. It comes with proven results when done in the early morning. But if you couldn’t do it in the morning, it is fine to do in the evening.


  • Bakasana helps to strengthen the torso and abdominal muscles. Its stretches the upper back and groins.
  • With Kakasana, you achieve full body balance and coordination.
  • The Crow Pose also boosts self-confidence and uplifts one’s body, soul and mind.
  • People found effective results in emotional stability when daily practised Bakasana.

8. Makarasana (Crocodile Pose):

Types of yoga asanas Makarasana or Crocodile Pose

It is one of the very easiest types of yoga aasan that can be performed by all age groups. Makarasana or the Crocodile pose has derived its name from the shape it resembles – shape of a crocodile.


  • Makarasana is a relaxing yoga technique that releases tension from the lower back and mid-torso.
  • Makarasana is also an effective yoga asana for treating spine-related issues.
  • For people suffering from asthma and other respiratory disorders, it is recommended to try Makarasana.

9. Sarpasana (Snake Pose):

Types of yoga asanas Sarpasana or Snake Pose

Among the types of yoga asanas with animal names, this one’s the last to go. Sarpasana or the snake pose and Bhujangasana or the Cobra pose are slightly same in postures, but offers different health benefits.


  • Sarpasana helps to improve the body posture and flexibility.
  • Sarpasana or the Snake pose also enables deeper breathing.
  • Regular practice of Sarpasana controls diabetes and ensures proper flow of blood circulation.
  • People with constipation found Sarpasana to be a great relief.

10. Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose):

Different types of asanas in yoga Gomukhasna or Cow Face Pose

Gomukhasnana or cow face pose is a different type of yoga asana. It resembles cow face, hence it is called cow face pose. Unless regular practice, it is not possible to do this yoga asana. We can get the following health benefits with this yogic postures.


  • Gomukhasana is helpful for back bone and nerve system.
  • It increases activeness by reducing laziness.
  • Pranayama becomes easy by doing this asana.
  • It also improves the functionality of heart.

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11. Dekasana (Airplane Pose):

Types of yogasan Dekasana or Airplane Pose

Dekasana is a Sanskrit word derived from two words – ‘Dek’ meaning Airplane and ‘Asana’ meaning Pose. It is a yoga art of balancing the whole body to feel like it’s ready to fly.


  • Airplane yoga pose focuses on the abs, hips, hamstrings and quadriceps, thereby ensuring proper body shape and flexibility to the bones.
  • Dekasana is also a good yoga pose for spinal health.
  • Studies have shown that Dekasana helps to cure asthma.

12. Parvatasana (Mountain Pose):

Different types of yogasana Parvatasana or Mountain Pose

Parvatasana is a part of the Surya Namaskar (sun Salutation) yoga series. The side pose resembles the shape of a mountain and hence the name Parvatasana. Parvatasana increases the free flow of blood to all parts of the body.


  • Parvatasana or the Mountain pose stretches the muscles of arms and legs.
  • Increased blood flow and controlled diabetes.
  • Parvatasana also ensures optimum spinal health.

13. Vajrasana (Diamond Pose):

Various types of yoga asanas Vajrasana or Diamond Pose

Among the various types of yoga asanas, Vajrasana is the simplest form of yoga pose. It’s a breathing exercise that can be performed even after lunch or dinner. The name Vajrasana comes from the shape it possesses.


  • Vajrasana relieves you from stomach ulcer issues. Its an effective yoga pose to treat acidity related problems.
  • People suffering from sciatica pain can try performing Vajrasana for better results.
  • Diamond pose also helps to improve the immune system of the body.

14. Naukasana (Boat Pose):

Types of yoga aasan Naukasana or Boat Pose

Naukasana or the boat pose is a well-known yoga pose for treating diabetes. It helps to strengthen the pancreas, liver and lungs. It ensures proper flow of blood circulation. Get toned leg and arm muscles with Noukasana.


  • Noukasana is a benefiting yoga pose for asthma and heart patients.
  • Boat pose also helps in improved digestion.

15. Padmasana (Lotus Pose):

Padmasana or Lotus Pose

In the postures of yoga, Padmasana or the Lotus Pose is a simple technique of yoga that offers several health benefits. People of all age groups can practice Padmasana. It is ideal to do in the morning.


  • Improves digestion
  • Calms the mind and provides a sense of rejuvenation.
  • For pregnant ladies, Padmasana helps during childbirth.

16. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose):

Dhanurasana or Bow Pose

Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose is one among the Hatha Yoga poses that help in weight loss. Its an effective yoga pose for people who are looking to have a perfect body shape and posture.


  • While performing Dhanurasana, your back muscles are stretched and strengthened.
  • Improves digestion and cures constipation.
  • Reduces belly fat easily.

17. Chakrasana (Wheel Pose):

Chakrasana or Wheel Pose

Chakrasana or the Wheel pose is derived from the shape it looks like. It is also known as Urdhva Dhanurasana or the Upward Facing Bow Pose. Proper functioning of spine and all nerves are ensured in Chakrasana.


  • Chakrasana makes sure that all the vital nerves of your body are in proper balance and working condition.
  • It improves lung health.
  • Another benefit of Chakrasana is that it reduces osteoporosis.

18. Akarna Dhanurasana (Archer Pose):

Akarna Dhanurasana or Archer Pose

Akarna Dhanurasana or the Archer Pose strengthens your knees, ankles, legs and muscles. It comes with many health benefits.


  • Strengthening of abdominal muscles is a benefit of Archer pose.
  • Archer pose is ideal for women suffering from menstrual problems.
  • Akarna Dhanurasana also eases depression and anxiety.

19. Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose):

Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon Pose

Ardha Chandrasana or the Half Moon Pose is a yoga pose that strengthens your shoulders, hamstrings, calves and grain. It’s a type of body balancing yoga that increases the flexibility of bones as well.


  • Half Moon Pose reduces anxiety.
  • It also improves digestion and thereby relieves you from constipation.
  • People suffering from sciatica and nerve pain can try Half Moon Pose for better results.

20. Halasana (Plough Pose):

Halasana or Plough Pose

Halasana is an ideal yoga pose for treating kidney disease and stress. This yoga pose resembles the shape of a plough – an Indian farming tool used to sow crops.


  • Halasana acts as an excellent stress buster.
  • Halasana or the Plough pose enables detoxification and thereby ensures that kidneys are in perfect working condition.
  • While doing this pose, the spine and shoulders are stretched ensuring flexibility of bones and muscles.

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21. Sirsasana (Headstand Pose):

Sirsasana or Headstand Pose

Sirsana is a healthy yoga exercise for stretching your neck, arms and legs. It provides optimum strength, beauty and control.


  • Regular practice of Sirsana relieves the person from stress and anxiety.
  • Head Stand Pose improves blood circulation to the eyes, thereby ensuring proper vision health.
  • Sirsana also helps in the detoxification of adrenal glands.

22. Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand Pose):

Sarvangasana or Shoulderstand Pose

Sarvangasana is the queen of all yogasanas and is believed to be one of the powerful yoga postures for Asthma. It is also known as Shoulder Pose.


  • Sarvangasana helps in proper body posture.
  • By focusing on balancing the shoulders, the shoulder muscles are strengthened.
  • Sarvangasana is also a natural remedy for treating diabetes, constipation, asthma and insomnia.

23. Shavasana (Corpse pose):

Shavasana or Corpse pose

Shavasana is a very simple asan of yoga that can be done by all age groups. It is named after the resemblance of the yoga pose to a dead body.


  • Shavasana provides complete relaxation to the mind and body.
  • People whoever suffering from asthma and respiratory health conditions can prefer this pose.
  • It also improves concentration and focus.

24. Siddhasana (Accomplished Pose):

Siddhasana or Accomplished Pose

For those who are looking for a meditation type yoga pose, Siddhasana is one such type. The name comes from two Sanskrit words – Siddha which means psychic power and Asnana which means pose.


  • It activates the energy channels in the body, thereby providing a refreshing experience.
  • Siddhasana yoga pose also reduces the uneasiness associated with knee pain arthritis.
  • Regular practice of Siddhasana helps to have greater control over sexual desires.

25. Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend):

Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Bend

The Seated Forward Bend Pose or the paschimottanasana is a type of breathing exercise that can be easily followed by beginners. It stretches the lower back, hips and hamstrings.


  • With Seated Forward Bend pose, you get perfectly toned muscles and shoulders.
  • For people having headache associated with anxiety and fatigue, can try practising Paschimottanasana on a daily basis.
  • It also helps to increase appetite, improve digestion and reduce obesity.

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Unhealthy food habits, lifestyle changes, increased stress and hormonal changes are few among the vital reasons for emerging health disorders. To find peace from within is possible if you can spend some time for yoga. All these yoga postures that have been discussed above are proven to cure health conditions like asthma, kidney disease, diabetes, arthritis, back pain, diarrhoea, etc.

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