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10 Beautiful Wives of West Indies Cricketers With Images


10 Beautiful Wives of West Indies Cricketers With Images

Cricketers are not only loved for their unique game play they also gain a lot of respect and love through their personality and the love they transform to their fans along with their beautiful wives. Those beautiful women of the players share a lot of credit in supporting their husbands. Let’s talk about such kind of beautiful wives of West Indies cricketers who have also gained a lot of respect and huge fan base through their beautiful looks and stunning personality. These beautiful ladies belong to various fields like modelling, business sector etc… Some of them are even more talented and have excelled in their respective fields. So let’s have a look at these beautiful women who are no less popular than their partners.

West Indies cricketers wives

Wives of West Indies Cricketers with Images:

1. Jenna Ali W/o Kieron Pollard:

West Indies Cricketer kieron Pollard girl friend and wife Jenna Ali

Jenna pollard is one of the most beautiful lady in our list of West Indies cricket players wives. The all rounder kieron pollard have dated this gorgeous woman for 7 years before they got hitched. This beauty is also a successful business woman by profession and she has been a good support for her partner of all these years.

2. Jessica Felix W/o Carlos Brathwaite:

West Indies cricket player Carlos Brathwaite wife Jessica Felix

While talking about the West Indies cricket players wives, Jessica Felix is the one we should talk about. This cute looking lady with a beautiful smile makes a perfect couple for the most powerful player of West Indies, Carlos Brathwaite. Jessica is also a talented physiotherapist by a profession.

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3. Alyssa Webster W/o Dwayne Smith:

West Indies cricketer Dwayne Smith girl friend and wife Alyssa Webster

Alyssa Webster is one of the most renowned model and also a carnival representative. She has got a lot of star image due to her stunning looks. She was the long time girlfriend of the most famous Indies cricketer Dwayne Smith and after a long time relationship they god married. They are also recognized as one of the beautiful couple among the West Indies cricketer pairs.

4. Shivana Ragoonanan W/o Ravi Ramapaul:

West Indies cricketer Ravi Ramapaul wife Shivana Ragoonanan

Shivana Ragoonanan is one of the most beautiful lady who is known as the West Indies cricketer’s wife the Ravi Rampaul. By looking at her one can easily say that she has one such stunning looks that feels nothing less than a super model. This beautiful pair has also gained a lot of following like any other star couple.

5. Nandita Kumar W/o Sunil Narine:

West Indies player Sunil Narine girl friend and wife Nandita Kumar

Nandita Kumar is the wife of the most energetic bowler the Sunil Raine takes the place of the most beautiful and well supportive wife. She was the long time girlfriend of Sunil Raine and she has always been a great support in his husbands professional and personal life as well. They stand as one of the beautiful couple.

6. Natasha Berridge W/o Chris Gayle:

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle wife Natasha Berridge

When we talk about the West Indies cricketers, then Chris Gayle is the first person that strikes in everyone’s mind. Then how can we forget this handsome West Indies player’s wife, Natasha is one of the most beautiful public figure who belong to the West Indies. She has attracted the people with her eye catchy looks and stunning personality. Natasha always makes a beautiful pair with Chris.

7. Cathy Daniel W/o Darren Sammy:

West Indies cricketer Darren Sammy wife Cathy Daniel

Cathy Daniel, The diva!! One can easily say that she is one of the beautiful and renowned model by just watching at her elegant looks. Cathy is the wife of the T20 world cup winning captain, Darren Sammy. When it comes to the profession of this beautiful lady, she is a carnival queen by profession and a model.

8. Jassym Lora W/o Andre Russell:

West Indies cricket player Andre Russell wife Jassym Lora

Just look at her stunning looks, Jassym lora the wife of the West Indies cricketer also the best bats man Andre Russell. Jassym lora is one of the top most model and a famous celebrity. There is no doubt in the fact that she has stolen the hearts of many of her followers and fans with her beautiful personality and stunning looks.

9. Janelle Mohess W/o Denesh Ramdin:

Another most aspiring lady in our list is here the Janelle mohess is one of the most beautiful celebrity wife. Danesh Ramdin who is known as one of the wicket keeper in the West Indies cricket team has tied the knot with this beautiful lady in a typical Hindu traditional style. Apart from his professional life they are one of the most beautiful couple.

10. Regina Ramjit W/o Dwayne Bravo:

West Indies cricketer Dwayne Bravo wife Regina Ramjit

Who are not aware of this beautiful and renowned top model Regina ramjet the wife of one of the top all rounder Dwayne bravo. Regina has also got a lot of fans base and following through her stunning personality. She was one of the miss world contestant in the year of 2013.

All of us are aware of the famous saying that there is a woman behind the success of every man. These are the beautiful women behind the success of these most famous and renowned West Indies cricketers. Hope we have provided enough information about these beautiful yet inspiring ladies and let us know whom do you like the most.

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