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10 Most Beautiful Wives of New Zealand Cricketers with Images


10 Most Beautiful Wives of New Zealand Cricketers with Images

New Zealand cricket team has played hundreds of ODIs and test series throughout the world and it has also won several international tournaments with flying colours. Even though they have not won world cup till date still they have been runners-up twice during 2015 and 2019. Interestingly, even New Zealand Cricketers wives have also captivated the hearts of the fan followers and audience in lot many ways. Like their spouse, they too have arresting and dynamic looks.

New Zealand Cricketers with Their Wives:

Here are the top 10 images of New Zealand cricketers wives.

1. Laura McGoldrick W/o Martin Guptill:

New Zealand Cricketer Martin Guptill Wife

Laura McGoldrick was happily married to New Zealand cricketer Martin Guptill during the year 2014. Like her spouse, she is also a versatile person who enjoys socializing with others. She is a famed actress, broadcaster, presenter and RJ. She has a lively face and you will feel mesmerized when you explore the above photo image.

2. Victoria Jayne Brown W/o Ross Taylor:

New Zealand Cricketer Ross Taylor Wife

Victoria Jayne brown is none other than the wife of former New Zealand cricket captain, Mr Ross Taylor who has played in several international tournaments. Like her husband, she is also a famous cricketer. Explore the latest New Zealand cricketers wife and feel the thrill. She has played in several district cricket tournaments and scored maximum runs during her tenure. Click this photo image and see her beautiful face.

3. Gert Smith W/o Trent Boult:

New Zealand Cricketer Trent Boult Wife

It is interesting to note that New Zealand cricketers and their wives have created positive impacts in the society. Trent Boult is a wonderful bowler and an important player in the New Zealand cricket team. His wife Gert smith is a famous socializer and influencer. She is prominent among WAG, a group created exclusively for cricketer’s wives and girlfriends. She has that charisma which others seldom have. See who she smiles in this lovely photo which was taken during a stage show.

4. Nicole McAuley W/o Tom Latham:

New Zealand Cricketer Tom Latham Wife

Tom Latham is a batsman and wicket keeper in New Zealand cricket team. He has played several test series and has scored lots of run in those tournaments. Like him, even his wife Nicole McAuley carries a charm and dynamic look. She extends a beautiful smile in this photo shoot which is going viral on social channels.

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5. Tehere Munro W/o Colin Munro:

Colin Munro is an all-rounder who has played in several international cricket tournaments. He is adjudged as one of the most talented cricketers in New Zealand. His wife Tehere Munro is a nurse who has that dynamic and gorgeous look. She has recently delivered a baby boy and this particular photo is going viral on various social media channels.

6. Brya Fahy W/o Tim Southee:

New Zealand Cricketer Tim Southee Wife

Tim Southee is a spectacular bowler who has played in lots of international ICC tournaments. He was married to Brya Fahy in the year 2016. She is a famed make-up artist who works in popular salon centre. She loves socializing and is a popular figure in social channels. See how cute and lovely she is in this photo.

7. Renae Burridge W/o Doug Bracewell:

One of the best players in New Zealand cricket team is Doug Bracewell. He has played in several international ICC tournaments and is an all-rounder. His wife Renae Burridge is a socializer and an influencer. She loves touring and works in a reputed firm. You will be astonished when you explore the above photo image which was taken recently.

8. Angelina Van Roosemalen W/o Ish Sodhi:

New Zealand Cricketer Ish Sodhi Wife

Ish sodhi is a spinner in New Zealand cricket team. He has played several international matches and took lots of wickets during his tenure. He married to his long-time girlfriend namely Angelina van Roosemalen sometime back in Auckland. See how beautiful she is in this wonderful photo. Her marriage was solemnized in Gurudwara.

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9. Ellissa McCullum W/o Brendon McCullum:

New Zealand Cricketer Brendon McCullum Wife

Brendon McCullum is a famous New Zealand former cricket player and former captain as well. He played plenty of international ICC cricket tournaments. He was married to Ellissa McCullum few years back and they have two children. Ellissa McCullum photos are extremely popular in social channels.

10. Tracey Bond W/o Shane Bond:

New Zealand Cricketer Shane Bond Wife

Trace Bond is wife of New Zealand cricketer Shane bond who was one of the best fast bowlers in New Zealand cricket team. She got married Shane Bond long ago and they have three children. Sh has that captivating face and arresting look. Click this photo and see that elegance she carries in her face. They have three small children and living peacefully in their country. She has been very supportive and guided her spouse marvellously.

Like New Zealand cricketers, even their spouse excelled in their career and reached several heights in their career path. They owned maximum responsibility in family life and supported their husbands in all possible ways. There are hundreds of such photos that are flooding on social channels which are worth exploring.

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