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10 Best Wolf Tattoos for Men and Women [2020 Cool Designs]


10 Best Wolf Tattoos for Men and Women [2020 Cool Designs]

Unlike other tattoo designs, wolf tattoos are fabulous and unique designs. Although, men and women can get this design, mostly we can find this design only in men. Men get this design to show off his power and strength as a wolf. Even-though, these tattoos are beautiful, it represents feelings of horror, danger and eeriness. Here, you are going to find plenty of exciting wolf tattoos for men and women that helps show your qualities like power, courage and loyalty to others.

Best Wolf Tattoo Designs:

1. Wolf tattoo on Forearm:

Wolf Tattoo On Forearm

This wolf tattoo on forearm shows the strength of the person wearing it. This tattoo design can be used by both men and women. It can be done with colors or plain black. These tattoos can be applied on chest or the whole of the back. They have the full shape of the wolf or just the face.

2. Double Wolf Tattoo:

Wolf Tattoo On Back

This tattoo design shows two different nature of the wolf. One is calm and one howling. It is applied on the back or the chest. They are big in size because of two figures. This tattoo can be drawn side by side or one overlapping the other based on one’s preference.

3. Amazing Tattoo Design:

This wolf tattoo on hand is very enticing to see. Many men have a full face of the wolf tattoo on their back. These wolf tattoo for men can just be an outline or with intricate designs. Not only on hand, you can get this design on any part of the body.

4. Colourful Tattoo Design:

Wolf Tattoo On Shoulder

The wolf tattoo is mostly seen in black. But when added colours it gives a different view to the whole scenario. There can be flowers, plants, etc around the wolf to give it a special meaning. Here, it is a colorful tattoo design on shoulder with rose flower.

5. Tattoo With Woman Face:

Women prefer to wear this design where the whole is seen with a woman face. They are applied with many colors. They give a soft nature feeling when combined. Women usually wear it on their backs. This design may take several hours, but will give you a stunning look.

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6. Tattoo With Symbols:

Wolf Tattoo On Sleeve

Few prefer to have different symbols with the wolf tattoo. The wolf tattoo meaning changes with the symbol with which they are drawn. The size of the symbol can be big and the wolf face is shown within the symbol.

7. Tattoo With Moon:

It is known that wolves howl in the night. So wolf tattoos are drawn with moon symbols. It can be half moon or full moon, which can vary. Usually it is night scenery on the background. Here is a beautiful design which is inked on the forearm of a women.

8. Tattoo On The Legs:

Beautiful Wolf Tattoo On Leg

Few persons have a full length leg tattoo of the wolf. Generally, these tattoo designs are very big. You should have lot of patience as it takes a lot of time to apply. They have many intricate designs. They can be just the wolf figure or combined with symbols.

9. Tattoo Design On Arm:

Here is a beautiful tattoo design for men and women. It has been done stylishly on arm. There are few leaves covered around the wolf giving neat look to the design. Once you get on your arm, it will really look great. You can also try this design any part of your body.

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10. Trendy Design On Hand:

 Simple and Small Wolf Tattoo

New age and trendy wolf design come in many variations. They are combined with many designs. They can be placed on hands which can be seen easily. It looks elegant to have such designs. Here, it is a small trendy wolf tattoo design for men and women. As it is a simple design, you can get this within minutes.

You can have any of the above top ten wolf tattoo on wrist, forearm, leg or any part of the body as desired. It is sure to exhibit your prowess, courage, fierceness and boldness very clearly. You will simply enjoy tattooing them and enjoy deriving praise from others.

Images Credit: Instagram and Pinterest

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