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Yoga for Cough and Cold: 8 Best Poses to Try


Yoga for Cough and Cold: 8 Best Poses to Try

Yoga has been hailed as one of the best remedy for a lot of life style diseases. It follows a set of exercises that is meant to improve the mental, spiritual and physical health of an individual. The best part is it can be practised by all gender and by all body shapes. It rolls out exercises for a range of problems starting from helping you lose weight to help you combat cough. Yoga for cough is the newest way to effectively curb the allergic or dry/wet cough. Wondering how? Take a look at how it can be done.

Best Yoga Poses for Cough and Cold:

Here are the 8 best yoga asanas for cough and cold with images.

1. SuptaVirasana (Reclined Hero Pose):

Supta Virasana for cough relief

The reclined hero pose is the best yoga for chronic cough like bronchitis and asthma. Here is a step-by-step guide to doing the yoga for cough relief.

  • Start by the high kneeling position, and slowly separate your feet wider than the hips, only so much so that you can sit between them.
  • Make sure the feet is outside the hips. The top of the feet should press on to the floor and toes should point straight. Slowly recline back and walking back on your hands, slowly shifting to elbow and finally on the back. Stay in position for a while.
  • When you start to experience a discomfort, come back to the upright position immediately, but gently.

2. Matsyasana (Fish Pose):

Fish Pose

The fish pose is another yoga for cough in chest. Matsyasana will help you get a relief from the otherwise irritating cough. Here is how to do it.

  • Begin by lying flat on the back. Your legs should be together. Place your hands at a comfortable position beside you.
  • Keep your palms under your hips, in a way that the palms face the ground. Place your elbows close the waist.
  • Cross your legs and slowly breathe in. Bring your chest up and keep your head lifted. Your crown should touch the floor. The weight of the body should rest on the elbow. Stay in the position until comfortable.
  • Gently exhale and untangle your legs and come to the normal position.

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3. Akarna Dhanurasana (Head-to-Knee Pose):

Akarna Dhanurasana

This another yoga for cough allergies like asthma and bronchitis cough. Moreover, it works on lungs and helps to relieve tightness around the lower back. Here is how to do the yoga cough remedy easily.

  • Begin by standing with your feet together. Keep your heels on the floor.
  • Keep your knees together and squat down on the floor. Make sure to press your knees, calves, and thighs close.
  • Gently, lift your torso upward, and stretch the arms out and forward, making sure it is parallel to the floor and your palms should face down.
  • Inhale deeply. When you exhale, keep your knees open and bend forward. Place your hands on the floor, towards the front
  • Exhale and gently lower your trunk towards the floor and your armpits should touch your legs at your inner knees.
  • Hold for 6–8 breaths.

4. Janusirsasana (Head-to-Knee Pose):

Janusirsasana for chest congestion cough

This yoga for cough is easy to do and is very effective. Take a look at the step-by-step process.

  • Begin by sitting in the Staff pose. Your legs should be extended in front of you, with your toes flexed. Your quadriceps should be contracted and your hands also should be next to your buttocks. Gently lift the belly from bottom and the waist sides.
  • Bend your right knee and make sure to swing it away from the left foot. This would make sure the thighs form an angle of 135 degrees. Your right heel should be close to your perineum, the one below your pubic bone.
  • You have to fold forward over your left leg from the left hip crease. Try to reach with your right arm and slowly hold your left foot from inside. By tightening your left quadriceps with strength, with your left hand, grasp the centre of the hamstring muscles.
  • Hold your left foot. Go deeper into the fold by holding your right wrist with your left hand. Bend your elbows away from each other, pulling your left foot with your arms, and lengthening the sides of your waist. Your forehead should rest on the shin.
  • Breathe in deeply, alongside lifting your head and chest. Release your hands to push the floor away and to exit the pose. Change sides and repeat the same.

5. Urdhva Vajrasana:

UrdhvaVajrasana for cough and cold

Urdhva yoga for cough and cold is a healthy exercise to practice.

  • Sit in Vajrasanaposeand then come into Shirshasana pose.
  • Concentrate on your balance and slowly bring the legs into lotus shape.
  • Stay in this position and breathe normally. Slowly release the Padmasana pose and come back to the start position.

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6. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):


Yoga for cough problems has always been effective. Take a look at the step by step process to do it.

  • Lie flat on your stomach and keep your hands on the side. Your toes should touch each other.
  • Keep your palms on the floor and move your hands to the front. They should be at shoulder level.
  • Place your weight of the body on your palm. Gently inhale and raise your head and trunk. When in this stage, bend your elbows. Your shoulder blades should be firm and it should be away from ears.
  • Keep your thighs, hips and feet pressed to the floor.
  • Your stomach should be pressed to the floor and stay for about 15 to 30 seconds. However, with practice you will be able to hold the asana for 20 minutes.

7. NadishodhanPranayam (AnulomaViloma):

Anuloma Viloma for dry cough

This one is regarded as the best yoga for dry cough. It is also effective for asthma and bronchitis cough. Here is how it can be done easily.

  • Close your eyes and begin by sitting on the Padmasana pose and rest your hands on the knees.
  • Next, you have to close your right nostril with your right thumb. Slowly inhale through the left nostril by inhaling as much as you can so that it fills your lungs with enough air.
  • Now, remove your thumb from your right nostril, and when you do this, slowly exhale.
  • Use your middle finger to close your left nostril, while you exhale and inhale with your right nostril. Remove thumb from the right nostril then exhale. Do this for 5 minutes.

You only have to be focused and give ample concentrate to your breathing.

8. SetuBandasana (Bridge pose):

Bridge Pose for cough and phlegm

The Bridge pose is a yoga asana for cough and cold. Moreover, for those of you suffering from a chest congestion cough, this yoga is sure for you. Here is how to do it.

  • First, lie on your back and fold your knees. Keep your feet hip distance apart and also about 10-12 inches away from your pelvis area. Your ankles should be in the straight line.
  • Place your arms on the side of your body and make sure your palms are facing down.
  • Slowly inhale and lift your lower back along with your middle back and upper back from the floor. Gently roll in the shoulders; bring the chest to the chin while making sure the chin does not come down. Next, support your weight with your Arms, shoulders, and feet. You will be able to feel your bottom firm up in this pose.
  • Breathe easy and stay in the pose for a minute or two.

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All of these are yoga are aimed at helping you provide relief from cough and congestion from the chest. Yoga to cure cough is a healthy practice and helps in overall boosting of the mental, spiritual and physical health. It also helps you boost your immunity. The best part of these practices is that they are easy to do and can be done by all age groups.

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