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1. Terms Acceptance:

As a user, as you accept using our website and access its contents fo viewing or accessing, or avail any of the services or data shared on our website, it clearly indicates your acceptance to follow the Terms of use of our platform. In case you do not wish to abide by these terms mentioned, it is ideal that you do not visit the website or avail services or information shared on our website.

2. Terms of Use:

Any information shared on including the text, images, GIF or graphical representations or videos shared are licensed by Way2info. The data thus shared are purely intended for sharing information to the other users. In no way these data are a replacement for medical advice or treatment or diagnostic procedures. Get help from your medical practitioner in any case of medical illness.

Way2info never recommends or suggests any specific physician or product usage or remedial measures or procedures that are mentioned in the content sharing made on our website. As a user, if you tend to rely on the information shared on our website, it is to be done so at the own risk of yours.

3. Service Availability:

By accessing our website, you agree that we hold the complete right to cease or pause our services or modify the contents for any intended purpose for which there is no mandatory need for prior notification.

4. Right To Information:

Way2info may also carry information that are confidential and proprietary in nature. This may be trademarks or service marks or any kind of patent as per the laws and international property treaties. As a user, you are authorized to make copies of full or parts of the contents on the website for any reason including personal or other non-commercial purpose.

5. Content Submissions:

As a user, when you are contributing content to, you completely extend irrevocable right to the respective content and we shall take complete ownership to publish the same, amend or share elsewhere across the world as required. By providing your content contribution, you assure to authorize license to

6. Warranty Disclaimer:

Using the contents of way2info are purely at the risk of the user. There is no form of warranty or implied warranty, recommendation or any kind of persuading done to information shared on our website including its text, pictures, information or materials shared or displayed.

7. Liability Restrictions:

In any occurrence of direct, incidental or damage of consequential kind, way2info or any other subsidiaries of us shall never be held liable at any cost. The damages thus caused may be of any kind including financial loss or interruption in business, loss of reputation, program loss, information loss or of other kinds.

8. Content Sharing:

Way2info holds the right to share external links to other blogs or websites or advertisements through hyperlinking. This however doesn’t mean any endorsement or recommendation of any kind and it is to be made clear that any such external content sharing or display done is purely for information or advertisement purpose.

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