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Privacy Policy

According to the Information Technology Act, 2000, this content written under Privacy Policy is an e-record. The mentioning made under this document are expressed by way2info, India, hereinafter referred to as ‘Way2info’, or ‘We’ or ‘Us’ or ‘Our’.

Way2info is focused on the users’ privacy in their course of using, surfing or accessing the content of the website and in the activities such as downloads made from the website or using our social media platforms or mobile application. In this document henceforth, all of these platforms are to be collectively termed as ‘web platforms’.

This document called the Privacy Policy shall henceforth be called as the ‘Policy’ in general. This is for the acquaintance of the users to understand the usage or accessibility of information of users and details as to where the contents would be utilized across all our web platforms.

By being willing to accessing our web platforms, as a user, you indicate your approval and consent towards the Policies mentioned in this document and grant us the permission to collect your user data and use it or share the same wherever needed as per this policy.

It is to be noted that this Policy is prone to get changed and hence, Way2info requests each of our users to check the same from time to time and look for any amendments.

User information:

From our users, way2info collects personal information such as name, phone number, mail id, etc. The information thus collected are used for customizing our services so as to cater to your needs.

As a user, you are allowed to access our web platforms across devices including computer, laptop or mobile phone even without sharing any of your personal information. At the same time, you will have enhanced user experience when the information sharing is volunteered.

Alternatively, a few of your information such as content preference, likes or dislikes can be automatically tracked based on your nature of usage of our web platforms. And these information shall be used to enhance our services to you. These information may include the external links you visit, the IP address of the computer system used, mobile phone number, location details, etc.

Way2info also takes the responsibility of not disclosing the user information thus obtained in any platform unless permission received from the user. Under circumstances where legally obligated, the information shall never be shared to any third party or the government.

Content sharing made on our web platforms such as reviews or recommendations or ratings shall be available across platforms including that of the users’ personal information. Way2info shall not be liable to information shared about the users to other third parties.

Way2info strives the best to protect our users’ privacy and keep them utmost protected from any kind of unauthorized access to their information or activities like unlawful personal information. We however do not guarantee never to encounter such actions of any kind at any possible time.

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